Smartphone for Learning

Using Smartphone for learning outside classroom

Using smartphones for learning

Not all schools allow the students using smartphones in the classroom. However, outside classroom, the student can use the Smartphone. Thanks to an exponential increase in ubiquity and computing capacity, today’s smartphones make a feasible answer to many of the challenges in the school. They offer endless possibilities for higher engagement, enhancement of student understanding and extension of learning beyond the classroom. Smartphones also provide an easy way for teachers to “facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity” while increasing motivation.

Access to everything from the Smartphone.

For the voracious student who wants to keep learning outside of class, the struggling learner who needs more exposure and everyone in between, smartphones provide instant access to civics, social studies, English, psychology, math, foreign language and science related media sources, including journals, newspapers, online news sites, podcasts, videos and more. Yes, you can access this information on a desktop, but mobile phones offer the added bonus of filling your spare time with anytime, anywhere learning. Riding the bus to school, waiting for a friend, or just a break? You can hunt for that article about the American presidents or the Industrial Revolution. Or you want some extra German or English practice? Listen to Slow German or English podcasts on the way to the football training. Smartphones can be especially useful if you follow courses online as an addition to the courses in school. A good example is Lucubrate where a step in the course is very short and every step is followed by questions.

Use the smartphone in many ways

A student can use the smartphone to much more than following online courses. I found a list of 40 ways of using the Smartphone in school. However, I am sure this list can be much longer:

  • Check facts
  • Take photos
  • Make videos
  • Carry out tests
  • Read the news
  • Dictionary
  • Translator
  • Calendar
  • Write down ideas
  • Listen to music
  • Images
  • Review
  • Stopwatch/timer
  • Read eBooks
  • Voice Recorder
  • Discover related subject material
  • Document scanner
  • Calculator
  • Edit videos
  • Edit pictures
  • Publish in the class blog
  • Track blog visits
  • Make presentations
  • Remote control
  • Communicate
  • Store Formulae
  • Control noise in the classroom
  • Updates
  • Tweet
  • Study Vocabulary
  • Control Attendance
  • Assess Students
  • Clock
  • Inspire
  • Share Notes
  • Digital Whiteboard
  • Weather
  • Measure Productivity
  • Play


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  2. the best way to prevent allocating extra time for many tasks is using smart phone or other same technologies to do things while you are busy with other staff. like sending a mail while traveling in a bus to the school. it is one of the best tool of today for performing things faster.

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