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About Entrepreneurship

First step in the first lesson Welcome. This is the first step in the┬álesson in the program for entrepreneurial skills. The lesson has many brief steps. Each video is around one minute. After each video, there is a quiz. You should do each quiz before you go on with the video. Enjoy the knowledge. About …

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Concepts and Ideas

Entrepreneurship and ideas The course: “You can start as an entrepreneur” (Lesson 1, Step 2) Ideas for a new product are everywhere and there is a limitless supply of concepts waiting to be commercialized, launched and marketed. They are there to be seen and pursued by those who seek them. Watch the brief video and …

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Test the Ideas

Test the idea The course: “You can start as an entrepreneur” (Lesson 1, Step 3) The idea begins with an observation of a situation, a problem or an opportunity. The process concludes with a solution. One of biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is going into business based on what they think people should buy, rather than …

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