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Summing up the NKB Concept

Summing up the model we use in Lucubrate The fourth step of this lesson is summing up. The video is brief (20 seconds). If gives a brief overview of the NKB concept. The quiz after the video is the test for the course. The quiz has questions for other steps in the lesson and it has …

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About Entrepreneurship

First step in the first lesson Welcome. This is the first step in the lesson in the program for entrepreneurial skills. The lesson has many brief steps. Each video is around one minute. After each video, there is a quiz. You should do each quiz before you go on with the video. Enjoy the knowledge. About …

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Concepts and Ideas

Entrepreneurship and ideas The course: “You can start as an entrepreneur” (Lesson 1, Step 2) Ideas for a new product are everywhere and there is a limitless supply of concepts waiting to be commercialized, launched and marketed. They are there to be seen and pursued by those who seek them. Watch the brief video and …

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