The Lucubrate Magazine Looks Behind

We are looking at what has happened for the Lucubrate Magazine in the past year. To be correct, the past half year.

From Newsletter to the Lucubrate Magazine

What you now can find as a nice, well-developed magazine, started as a newsletter for the Lucubrate Project about a year back. The first Lucubrate Magazine with a professional layout and published as a magazine is dated November 24th, 2017. The first article in the magazine was “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN TVET”.

Many Readers

When you write a text or print a magazine, you can never know how many people reading what you have published. When you sell a magazine, you will know how many that buy it. However, you don’t know if the buyer also read it. We publish the magazine on the web. For Free. We can follow the number of people that have seen the magazine and the number of people that have clicked on it.

The first Lucubrate Magazine had probably only 15 readers. However, the number of readers has increased incredibly much from the first issue up to now. The Lucubrate Magazine Issue 21 (published in April 2018) has been seen by more than 250,000 people. Over the last three months, the average number of people seeing the Lucubrate Magazine is around 150,000.

Many important articles in the Lucubrate Magazine

The first article in this issue of the Lucubrate Magazine the Nobel Peace Prize Co-winner, Mr. Abdelkader Allali writes about Green Economy in Morocco. The following articles in this magazine is a republishing of some of the very good articles from previous magazines.

The editorial committee for the Lucubrate Magazine wishes all the readers enjoy the reading and our thanks go to the contributors for all the good articles published here.

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