CC Motivate the employees

Understand the underlying idea of motivation and how to motivate the employees.

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Course: Solar Energy 0

A brief free course about the solar energy. Take a look and learn about the sun.

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Introduction to programming

Purpose of the course is to make it easy studying the programming language.

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Photography 1

Photography is essential for fulfilling your creative vision. Learn what you need with courses in photography.

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Photography 1, free trial

Photography is essential for fulfilling your creative vision. Free first part of the course.

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Sociology to Understand the Society

Sociology 1 is a simple general introduction to sociology

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Solar Energy Fundamentals M1.2

Fundamentals understanding of the solar energy

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Statistics to start on

Statistics are objective and systematic methods for describing and interpreting information. 

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Statistics to start on with Excel

Use Excel to collect and systematically describe and interpret information

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The Lucubrate Quality Learning Management

This course is about the learning system we use in Lucubrate

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You Can Start as an entrepreneur

Goes through the basic skills in Entrepreneurship

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