Mobile Phone Technology Helps African Farmers Sell What They Sow

A Kenyan mobile phone platform is offering local farmers access to a transparent marketplace that offers higher prices for their goods.

Farmers who sell produce to Twiga now have access to a fair, transparent, mobile marketplace that offers higher prices for their goods. In the past, they often lost money, time, and products because sales depended on multiple layers of brokers to get their goods to markets and wholesale vendors. Each middleman took a cut that ate into their family’s income.

Before Twiga started, the farmers had their brokers, but the price varied greatly and they often don’t get the right price for their products.  Twiga is more organized and that gives more stability.

Besides earning more for their crops, farmers can increase their farms’ productivity as they receive technical advice and financial offerings geared to their specific needs. On the other end of the supply chain, vendors benefit from fast, free delivery of produce.

Since 2014, Twiga has been bridging gaps in food and market security through an organised platform for an efficient, fair, transparent and formal marketplace.

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