Low Budget Marketing for your Online Shop

If you build a shop somewhere or your are setting up an online shop, will the customers come? Not without marketing, they won’t. Here we are looking into the marketing of the online shop. We will give you some ideas we found in a blog (see below).

Marketing your new online store

New online stores often face the same dilemma: they desperately need marketing to increase awareness of their products or services but have a tight budget with which to do so. Some form of marketing is necessary for even the newest of stores, but finding the right balance between “effective” and “cost-effective” can be tricky.

If you’re building or have built your store and are aiming to start marketing on a budget, we’re here to help. Here’s how you can decide which marketing activity to invest in first — and how to spend just $50 to get started.

Low-cost tool for a single primary marketing goal

By combining the right free or low-cost tool for a single primary marketing goal, you’ll be able to avoid spending an immense amount of money or time on your efforts while still growing your store’s online presence.

Let’s have a look at the steps you should take to decide where to properly spend your first $50.

1. Pick what’s most important to you and focus on it.

2. Learn from other; a quick online search will turn up plenty of articles and advice on the specific topic you’re looking for. 

3. Identify free or low-cost tools to help you get started

4. Track your progress and achieve a goal before moving on to a new activity

The ideas in this blog are from a commercial blog from WooCommerce. The blog is called: “How to decide where to spend your first $50 on marketing


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