The Lucubrate concept for learning includes different tools: First the videos in a series.  After a learning video, the Lucubrate uses quizzes, individual practical tasks, complementary information (videos or text) and group discussions for deeper understanding.

The Lucubrate uses «Gist Learning».  The word tells about the size, not the content for our brief videos (50-70 seconds), the name also gives an idea about the content.

Reading for gist is all about getting the ideas of the text by skimming it rapidly and ignoring the grammatical words. The Lucubrate concept makes the learning better.

Lucubrate offers courses at different levels.

Will you join the team?

The list under is the latest published courses. Go to “Programs” or “Courses” for a full overview.

CC Visible on Web

This course brings you through some techniques that can increase the number of visitors on your page.

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CC Motivate employees

Understand the underlying idea of motivation and how to motivate the employees.

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C programming

After course the student has enough knowledge to make C-language programming. Languages like C# and Java are related to C and C++.

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Photography 1, free trial

Photography is essential for fulfilling your creative vision. Free first part of the course.

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Photography 1

Photography is essential for fulfilling your creative vision. Learn what you need with courses in photography.

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Statistics to start on with Excel

Use Excel to collect and systematically describe and interpret information

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