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Lucubrate News, November 10th, 2017


Nearly half of the companies said they failed because there wasn’t a need for their product. This is the result of a study among companies that failed to succeed in their startup. While problems like legal challenges and failure to pivot affected only a few. Problems with cash flow is also a reason for failure by many startups.

November is the Entrepreneurship month in Lucubrate. That means that we this period focus on issues about startups. This month we offer a coupon valued $4. You can use the coupon to pay the course “You Can Start as an entrepreneur”. You find the details: https://lucu.nkb.no/courses/entrepreneurship-1/

The course costs $5. When you use the coupon, your cost will be $1. Please find the page for payment/using the coupon: https://lucu.nkb.no/product/entrepreneurship-for-me/

The coupon is valid until November 30th, 2017. You apply the coupon code when you click on the “View Cart“. The code is: ent201710

You can use the coupon once. However, you can follow the course as many times you want. You will find many blogs on the Lucubrate pages. You are welcome to read them.

November can be the month for you to start up.

November is the Entrepreneurship month for Lucubrate. “Let us start up”

Learn about entrepreneurship

We have created a poster to help you think. The Lucubrate team wants to help you to start up your business. We can offer you different tools:

  • Poster.
  • Blog.
  • Course.

Hope these tools can make the difference for you.

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