Publishing Policy

Publishing Policy

The Lucubrate Magazine and the Lucubrate Journal are published by NKB Lucubrate. This Publishing Policy outlines the editorial and production policies and defines ethical publication guidelines.


NKB Lucubrate is a for-profit company. It owns and publishes general and scientific publications.


The objective of The Lucubrate Magazine and the Lucubrate Journal are to publish high-quality general magazines and scientific journals. The Lucubrate Journal provide scientists around the world with a means to communicate with their peers in the international research community. The Editors are committed to producing high-quality international publications.

Articles and advertisements

The Lucubrate Magazine:

Anyone can contribute to the Lucubrate Magazine. Articles and editorial material are free of charge. 

1) there is no fee to be paid for publishing articles in the Lucubrate Magazine

2) there is no fee to be paid for publishing the TVET expert of the week in the Lucubrate Magazine

3) for advertising a product or a service in the Lucubrate Magazine, there is a fee depending on the size of the

Editorial autonomy

Editors are responsible for the content of articles published. In cases where Editors are concerned about the publication of specific content, they should consult with, and accept guidance from, the Executive Editor-in-Chief. The Publisher may call to the attention of Editors and the Executive Editor-in-Chief specific content that causes concern. However, the final decision and responsibility to publish any content rests with the Editors and the Executive Editor-in-Chief.

Appropriate Content

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Editors should avoid publishing content that is not relevant to the general and scientific inquiry or the scientific community, or content that would bring NKB Lucubrate into disrepute.