Guiding for creating courses

Some steps for the course creating

After the course has got a name (everything you creates can be changed at any time by you), you can write something about the course.

Scroll down and tick and fill in as you want.

Course Builder

At the bottom, you will find the course builder. Here you ad on names on the lessons and steps. Each course can consist of one or many lessons. Each lesson can consist of one or many steps. The illustration under guide you how to easily create courses, steps, and quizzes.

When you have given the lessons the names, you drag and drop them in the right column. After saving the course, you will find your lessons, steps, and quizzes in the LearnDash LMS (left black column). You can open a lesson and writhe what you want. After saving the lesson you can “View the lesson”


Main picture for the course

The Picture or the course (“Featured Image”) has to be a size like the with is five times the hight.Look at the illustration above.