The instructor receives the payment for the work when the student pays for the course. The payment is divided into different parts of the process of developing a course.


Course development payment

 Original developer Original developer  Translator
Original language keep if translation Developmet new language
Develop curriculum for a program (include more than 5 courses) 10 % 5 % 5 %
Develop curriculum a course (scaffolding; lessons, steps, quiz, practical tasks) 10 % 5 % 5 %
Develop the Gist Learning and layout per step (max 140 words) 20 % 10 % 10 %
Develop the learning videos: record/make video of the steps 15 % 5 % 5 %
Make quizzes and practical tasks 10 % 5 % 5 %
Upload the videos, quizzes and other learning elements to the platform 5 % 0 % 10 %
Connect with the students; communicate, motivate and answer questions 10 % 0 % 10 %
Management and develop course platform 20 % 20 %
Total 100 % 30 % 70 %
All receive a part of what is paid by the student.
If any tax is involved, the tax is first deducted before sharing

An instructor has created all parts of a course except uploading the video, quizzes and other learning elements. When the students do the course, the instructor is in touch with the students. In this case, the instructor receives 75% of what the students pay.

The course becomes popular and many students follow it. The first month, the students starting on the course pay USD 1000. The instructor receives 75% which gives 750 USD. The next month the students starting on the course pay USD 4000. The instructor receives 75% which gives 3000 USD.

Another course becomes less popular and few students follow it. The first month, the students starting on the course pay USD 10. The instructor receives 75% which gives 7.5 USD.

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