Job in Lucubrate

Lucubrate project started in 2017 by NKB. The aim of the project is to become one of the world leaders in knowledge transfer independent of the country you live in. Lucubrate gives quality and service as a premier global supplier of a broad range of integrated learning systems, learning modules and components to skill people.  To meet the changing needs of skills and ensure the students’ success, we start with a culture that values the diversity of people and thought. 

The creative power

We recognize the creative power that comes from encouraging collaboration and innovation among a team of knowledgeable experts. This unique energy is our greatest competitive advantage in the world marketplace.

At Lucubrate, we hire only top-caliber, future-focused employees who can adapt quickly to changing environments. Our employees demonstrate the kind of commitment and performance necessary to achieve business results in today’s competitive marketplace.

Available Jobs

Here you will find the jobs Lucubrate announce. To get more information about the job, please click on the position you are interested in.

Editorial Internship

(Deadline for application 26.7.18)



Other possibilities

The Lucubrate project is a new project. Many of the activities in the Lucubrate project are duties that can be followed up beside an ordinary job. As the Lucubrate project grows, that kind of duties may be developed as a full-time work. This means that you can create your own job if you follow up on this kind of duties over time. We will allow people to work with us voluntarily.  In the long run, this may become a source of income.  

Working with the Lucubrate Team (non-paid or paid) gives you working experience in a global company and it gives you international connections. Read more…