The Lucubrate Lobby

From the Lucubrate Lobby, you will find different offices and rooms. Most of the rooms are open for all. Some rooms are for the students and staff, and some for the staff only. Click on the entrance to open.

In the classrooms, you will find the courses. The main idea for Lucubrate is to offer high-quality courses for an affordable price.

In the Library, you will find the Lucubrate blogs and relevant literature for your study.

Overview blogs 

Blog one by one

Lucubrate publish news related to the Lucubrate Project regularly. Find the Lucubrate newsletter and Lucubrate magazine here.

At Lucubrate, we hire top-caliber, future-focused employees.

In this room, you can find a contact form and a registration form.

Go to this room to learn more about Lucubrate.

In the Office, you will find the information desk, applications,  and other documents.

In the Staffroom, you will find useful tools for the staff. Some rooms need a specific key.

Lucubrate cooperates with many different organizations. I this room you will find some of them with a link to their webpage.

Here is the master key to the looked Lucubrate rooms (the login). Use the master key to enter where you want.

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