Knowledge Development as Transfer from Sender to Recipient

Knowledge development

Knowledge development is a process. We can look at that process from different angles. For instance, we can look at knowledge development from an objective perspective such as knowledge transfer and takes place primarily as a transfer of explicit knowledge from a sender to a recipient. The sender will be independent of the receiver and can develop explicit knowledge that can then transferred to a receiver far away. The recipient can understand and apply the knowledge without anyone forms of interaction with the sender.

Many are critical to a perceive of knowledge development where the knowledge transfer from a sender to a recipient. Knowledge is also built by the development of knowledge through interaction, communication, and collective opinion creation.

Either knowledge is built as a transfer from a sender to a recipient or through interaction and communication; we need different aids in the process. In the traditional classroom, we use the teacher (voice, words, body language), the blackboard, the books and so on as the aids in the knowledge development process.

Today we have more tools we can use as the aid in the process of a transfer knowledge from a sender to a recipient. As an example of such tool, we can look at the smartphone. The sender will be independent of the receiver and can develop explicit knowledge for a specific subject. The sender can work systematically and develop the knowledge as shorter or longer courses.

The receiver uses the smartphone to go into the explicit knowledge. Thus the knowledge can be transferred by using a smartphone for a receiver far away.

The development of knowledge in Lucubrate can be done in different countries and in a different environment. The receiver far away uses the smartphone to build his knowledge by using what he finds in Lucubrate. When the receiver does this systematically, we can see the development of knowledge.

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  1. ahmad jebrail
      August 19, 2017 at 10:28 AM

    well said, i agree to all what has been said in the above article. today everything is more technology oriented and people don’t have much time for attending classes to learn things and be present there on regular bases. it is costly and time would be wasted on traveling to some places in these rush ours to receive knowledge. and if this is possible from your own place online using technologies then why some one must waste time sitting on chairs.

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