Education and a Digital Transformation

Education and a Digital Transformation

Policymakers looking at reforming education systems face different challenges. All countries face an automation and a digitalization. Maybe a faster development in developed countries compared with countries with an emerging economy. How can the education system meet the changes? A change we can call a global trend.

In the last issue of the Lucubrate Magazine, an article discussed that many countries have challenges related to the needed skills. The article focused on the education system that educates people to skills the country does not need. At the same time, the industry needs people with skills that the education system does not educate.  We can call this trend “Skill Mismatch”.

A trend is a general direction in which something is developing or changing. The word is used with a variety of meanings. Here we use the word “trend” as a global trend, a general development or change in a situation that affects many countries of the world.

Three global trends

The article in the previous issue of the Lucubrate Magazine pointed out three global trends. One is a trend called “Skill Mismatch”. A second trend, countries face, is the automation and digitalization. In this article, we will open a window and glance into that trend.

The third trend is a huge change for the students. A massive change in the learning systems. Through decades, we have built education systems with students, classrooms, teachers, and textbooks. Today you can find the student can appear as his on teacher using computer or smartphone instead of a textbook, outside the classroom. We can call it “Digital Learning”. You can read more about this trend in the next issue of the Lucubrate Magazine  (read more inside the magazine).

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